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20paperplanes's Journal

20 Paper Planes
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Welcome to 20 Paper Planes

In the spirit of 1sentence, blueabsinthe and rezhomina bring you 20 Paper Planes! This is a friendly, low pressure writing, and fan-art community.

Ever thought about claiming a pairing on 1sentence, and thought 50 sentences may be too much, or wanted to do fan-art based solely on the pairing you claimed? Then this community is for you. All you have to do is claim a pairing, and write 20 drabbles, or sentences (or create fan-art for the 20 themes), and then you're done!

Intrigued? Read on.

These may be pretty basic, but better to be safe than sorry!

01. First things first, join the community.

02. Comment to either this entry - for fanfiction, or this entry - for fan-art.

03. You can claim a maximum of two pairings, in either fanfiction, or fan-art.

04. Each pairing can be claimed up to a maximum of five times.

05. Only one fiction/sentence/drabble/fan-art for each theme; YOU CANNOT COMBINE THEMES

06. For fanfiction, please post a minimum of three drabbles per post. If you are doing sentences, then please post all twenty at once.

07. Please use lj-cuts. If you are not sure how to use one, please see the Livejournal FAQ's, which is located here.

08. You can start posting as soon as you are listed in the claimed post.

09. You can drop your claims at any times. To do so, go here.

10. Please keep it civil. No bashing other pairings, absolutely NO DRAMA, etc. Rudeness will not be tolerated. The moderators will give out one warning, and if the member repeats the offense, they will be banned.

11. Please, please, please use the following format for Livejournal subject lines:

For fanfiction:
  • [fandom; pairing; theme set; fic]

    For fan-art:
  • [fandom; pairing; theme set; art]

    12. When posting your claim, post it with comments enabled, otherwise the mods will not be able to add it to the memories.

    13. Have fun!


    There are five theme sets to choose from. You cannot mix prompts. You can choose to complete one set of twenty, or for the more ambitious, you can complete the one-hundred table, which is all of the themes from the other five tables.

    Theme sets

    There is no time limit, but please try to complete your claim as soon as possible, so that other users may claim the pairing.

    You can use the following form for posts made to the community:

    {Fanfiction} To Claim
    {Fanfiction} Claimed List
    {Fan-art} To Claim
    {Fan-art} Claimed List
    Theme Sets
    To Drop your claim
    Completed Claims


    blueabsinthe: moderator (fanfiction)
    rezhomina: moderator (fan-art)